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ted seth jacobsTed Seth Jacobs’ artistic career has spanned more than five decades. Born in 1927, he began teaching at the age of eighteen, as an occasional substitute for his Art Students League instructor. At age fifteen Ted Seth Jacobs won first prize in a nationwide contest for high school art.

The author began exhibiting in New York galleries in 1952 and in 1952, he won first prize in the nationwide Stacey scholarship contest. Since then, he has had over seventy one-man exhibitions in America and in France, where he continues to exhibit. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, and received hundreds of portrait painting and drawing commissions, as well as a large number of commissions for mural paintings.

Over the years, he has contributed immensely to the revival and continued evolution of a new realism. He has taught thousands of students, over a period of many years, first privately, and subsequently, at the Art Student League and the New York Academy. His school, L’Ecole Albert Defois, located in Les Cerqueux, France attracts students from all over the world. Many of his students including Anthony Ryder, Jacob Collins, Michael Grimaldi, have become influential art teachers themselves.

”I learned how and what to teach from both my students and my own work. From students I learned what they most needed at any moment. I don’t teach from a predetermined schedule, but more organically respond to what I perceive as most important. I use lecture-demonstrations and individual critique. In my own work, I find what are the most efficient methods for organizing a complex style and transmit them to the students.”

Ted Seth Jacobs is the author of bestselling books such as “Drawing With An Open Mind,“ “Light For The Artist,“ and “A Dictionary of Human Form“.

Ted Seth Jacobs lives, works and teaches in France.

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